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machineries that we use
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CNC Turning Machines

These machines refers to the automated machining process of shaping material, such as metal, wood or plastic, using a computer numeric control (CNC) machines. In contrast to traditional turning utilizing a lathe, which usually requires continuous operator attention, CNC torning allows for multiple cutting actions to be completed under computer control.

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Traub Machine

Inorder to manage the worlwide Quality standards, our specialists are using highly advanced tools and technologies.

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CNC Tube Benders

These bending machines produce repeated, highly quality bent tubes for the automotive, auto component, furniture, chemical, boiler, process, luggage, ship building, railway, and other industries.

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Tensile Testing Machine

Tensile strength is the maximum stress that a material can with stand while being streched before failing or breaking . It is an important mechanical property of packaging materials.

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Hydraulic Pressure Testing Machines

Hydraulic testing machines have universal application for materials and component testing under pulsating or alternating or alternating loads, with periodic or random signals.

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Leakage Testing Machines

It is used for ensuring the safety during production process and before the final dispatch of the products.